The last MD-11 commercial flight was on Oct. 26 2014. Following the MD-11s retirement, our great staff in pars cargo converted this plane to freighter version. After some, we added another 3 MD to complete our MD-11 fleet.We proundly have the largest MD-11 fleet among the Iranian airlines. ”The lady” & “Prince of Persia” cover our eastern destinatiosns from our first base IKA while, “HALLO Germany” & “Buenos dias mi amigo” support our western destinations from our second hub FRA. Right now, 3 of them are in full operation.


Like all other modern cargo airlines, Pars Cargo decided to expand his fleet by advanced aircraft such as 777F . Boeing 777 is able to carry more than 100 tons which is a good choice for long haul routes from our both hubs. Our first 777F was ALS leased from Pars Airways and converted to freighter.Right now only 2 of our 777s are flying and we are looking for another skilled 777 pilot.


Since many years ago, different series of 747 are being used for both commercial and freighter operations. Pars Cargo is not the exceptional. EP-ALF is the only 747-400F and the other 2 ones are new 800 series. We are trying to expand our 747 fleet and replacing 747-4 with dash 8.