B787-800 RR Pars Airways


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Manufacturer Boeing
Type 787-8
Passengers 375
Price 224.600.000
Still produced yes
Heavy jet yes
Dry Operating Weight 119950 kg
Max Zero Fuel Weight 161025 kg
Max Take Off Weight 227930 kg
Max Landing Weight 172365 kg
Max Fuel Weight 101894 kg
Cargo Space 40000 kg
Average climb rate 0 fpm
Normal/Econ Cruise Altitude 0 ft
Normal/Econ Cruise Speed 487 kn
Range max fuel 8.200 nm
Number of Engines 2
Engine type Jet
Ticket factor 1
Business Class Factor 2
First Class Factor 4
Maximum package size 2,000 kg
A/C Type Commercial
Number Aircraft Produced 292
Year aircraft introduced 2.011
Flight crew size 2
Jump seats 2


Seat Configurations Economy Business First
The Pars Airways Configuration
250 20  20


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