The Rules Of Pars Airways Nowruz tour ( 2019 )

1. Flight rules

1.1 Aircraft must be flown with IFR flight rules only. 

2. Aircraft type

2.1 Must fly with Medium aircraft only. 

3. Flight plan

3.1 Flights with the wrong Departure/Arrival/Alternate/Incorrect Aircraft information at the moment of takeoff will not be accepted. 
3.2 Flight must be completed with a valid route. Flights with DCT or VFR DCT will NOT be accepted. 
3.3 In case of different ICAO code between FS2004 & FSX, always use the code mentioned in tours legs list for IvAp flight plan. 
3.4 This tour was created for Pars Airways VA. Use of Pars Airways callsign (IPW) is mandatory.

4. Aircraft speed limit

4.1 Below FL100, maximum speed is 250 KIAS. 
4.2 Above FL100, maximum speed is M0.81.

5. Realtime mode and weather

5.1 Flights must be flown in real time mode, accelerated sim rates not allowed. 
5.2 All legs must be flown online with real time IVAO server weather.

6. Online time

6.1 Before pushback and after parking at the gate or apron you must be online for a period of minimum 6 minutes. 
6.2 A maximum disconnection of 20 minutes will be accepted due to FS or PC crash.


7.1 Flight must be flown in correct order. 
7.2 PIREP must be submitted within 7 days after completion of a leg. 
7.3 UTC time must be used in PIREP and mention the departure and arrival time (takeoff and landing time) 
7.4 In the remark section of IVAP flight plan must include “RMK/IIPW19 LEGXX”

                         PIREP not compliance with above rules will result in rejection